Monday, April 14, 2014

End of my Portuguese Mission

I realized I don't have a video in Portuguese, so let me speak about it like this (Subtitles in Portuguese and English available):

And if I think I would pass C1? With little preparation for the test, yes, I am confident. I did this test for myself: and I got right 53/60. Reading is ok, I read couple of books. But I would still have to practice writing, speaking and listening more. I am pretty confident when it comes to vocabulary, but the Portuguese pronunciation is sometimes so hard to decode, that after one year of studying Portuguese and one month studying Spanish, I understand both at the same level (when listening).

I am happy though how significantly I improved. I can sustain a discussion about such things as politics and corruption. And thus I managed to "unlock" theses countries as my potential home, or at least, a very pleasant touristic destination:

Lusofoníc World

Keep in touch Portuguese, our relationship isn't over yet.

Good bye Atlantic. I'll see you again!

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