Sunday, April 27, 2014

Iberian Roadtrip—Part 2: Sevilla

Stop #2: Sevilla
From Lisbon we went directly to Sevilla. We slept in a building built in a typical Moorish style. Quite a cute, cheap hostel. It was cool, except that the toilette was directly in the room, divided only by a plastic wall that did not reach up to the ceiling and thus your pals could hear and enjoy all your "activities" there.

So what is in Sevilla to see? The most searched places are Torre del Oro at the riverside, the Sevilla's cathedral, which is the biggest gothic cathedral in the world, the gardens of Alcázar palace complex and the grave of Christoph Columbus. But the thing, due to which Sevilla was special for me, was the Metropol Parasol structure. It takes courage to place tens of meters high wooden mushrooms in one of the squares of the old city. But the result is very interesting and the complex fits in well. You can have a stroll on top of the mushrooms and there is one beer included in the price of the ticket. :)

Oh, did I mention that I found a mini-version of the European rocket Ariane 4 there? It has been there since the Expo '92 in Sevilla. The main topic of the exposition was "Time of the discoveries", because it took place at the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the Americas.

Our hostel
The river Guadalquivir and Torre del Oro at the dusk
The Sevilla's cathedral
Maahgic Mushrooms
And the view from the top
There she is, Ariane 4, tiny between the trees
Too bad we had only one evening for this city. It has a space rocket goddammit!

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