Friday, March 8, 2013


It is interesting to watch yourself go through Déjà-vus. But not those that last only 5 seconds. Here I mean very similar life situations that repeat themselves. One of them was when I found work in the water park in Constanța. Several years ago, I had a very similar summer job in USA. And now another déjà-vu crossed my path.

To make the story short, after a series of conflicts with my landlord, I was kicked out in one evening. When I came to Elmshorn, I found my things on a heap. I will just never understand some people. After two nights spent in a hostel I found a place for two weeks in student dormitories. And it is so nice and peaceful here, it is unbelievable. What's more, my flatmate actually uses heating :) How is this a déjà-vu  Some time ago, in Brno, I also went through a similar experience. After living with really horrible flatmates, I found peace at, for me, probably the nicest room of the world at Vinařská dorms.

To make the situation even more interesting, from all the possible houses in Hamburg, in which its 2 million inhabitants live, I am living in the one, in which I spent my first two nights at my couchsurfer host Caren. Life is funny sometimes.

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