Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Iberian Roadtrip—Part 4: Granada and Hiking in Sierra Nevada

Stop #4: Granada
We arrived to Granada the same day we left Gibraltar. First complication—we could not drive to our hostel, because the road looked blocked by a retractable pylon, as if it were private. So we drove around, failed to find another entrance, but instead found a spot for parking on the hill with a beautiful view of Granada. It turned out it was good we had decided not to stay and instead try talk to the intercom next to the pylon. They let us in. The thing is, there are still nomad gypsies living in that area and they keep their carriages in the old center. The Cordobans want them out, that is why the entrance is blocked during the night.

I was also told it was good we did not park on the hill, because I might have been robbed :)

So the first day, we did a trek in Sierra Nevada. The 4 days of travelling were taking their toll and we woke up quite late. Hence, we chose only a short route. Still, it was the first time I saw cherry trees blossom in March. And behind them, there were mountains covered with snow.

Mountain village, where we started the trek
Foothills of Sierra Nevada
Cherry flowers in March
To the victory!
In the evening we got to explore Granada itself. From our hostel, there was a beautiful view of the palace complex Alhambra. But there was not much time to visit it, so we plunged into the (really) narrow streets of the old town. Btw, I still fail to understand, how could the bus drivers manage in that part of the town. In some streets, they had like 10 cm on each side, between the car and the wall.

The old town felt Arabic. There were many places where you could sit down to smoke shisha. A bit lower, we came to a more Spanish-looking part and our mouths got to taste what the real tapas are like. With every bought beer, you receive something small to eat. Three beer rounds and you don't have to have dinner.

Alhambra at night
The old Arabic city
Fancy a smoke?
It was damn cold in the morning!
Tapasitas :P The best goodbye kiss from Granada. The most beautiful Spanish city I have seen.

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