Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spanish Mission

So there it is, I changed Porto with its rainy winter for sunny and dry Madrid. There was a lot going on in between. I will write about those events and about the end of my Portuguese mission in the following days.

But now: The next 7 months I will spend in Spain. On the 17th of October I will sit for a C2 exam at the Cervantes Institute. Spanish is the first language of which I never had any classes, but it is so similar to Portuguese that I am pretty confident. I can already communicate and understand short responses. So I am curious to watch my "portiñol" turn into true castellano.

Map of Spain

It is March and in Madrid it feels like August in Slovakia already. I am curious about July here. Hm, maybe Ibiza for the summer? :P ¡Hasta la vista, baby!

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