Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DE Video 1

One week ago, we had a Christmas party. My colleagues and me were invited by our bosses to a stand up comedy club. We had a nice dinner and then the show started. There were 5 comedians and I understood like 70 % of what they were saying (except for one annoying guy from Berlin who read really fast some story from a paper). But even though I got the point, my brain, being busy recognizing the words, kind of had no time also for laughter :) But it was a really nice exercise. Then we drank and spoke until late. A really nice evening.

However, the main point of this post is my first German video. I made it 4 weeks ago, but because of, first lack of internet connection and then laziness, I am uploading it now. It was made really spontaneously, without any preparation whatsoever. I dare say my speaking abilities got better in the meantime. So enjoy.

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