Saturday, March 19, 2016

End of my French Mission

I am writing this post from Hamburg again. Do you want to know how my French mission ended up? Watch the video ;) (French and English subtitles available)

France was an interesting experience. New friendships, some cultural shocks, a bunch of places checked on my "to visit" list. Hard beginnings that turned into another place where I feel at home. Many stories to tell and I will tell them when I meet you (yes you!). I am happy I went there and I left with precious memories. So many people I miss (you guys know who I am talking about :) ).

By the way, I did not say goodbye to la francophonie altogether, I keep reading books (also) in French, my best mate here in Hamburg is from Paris, so there is no way this "mission end" would be a total break up with the French language. Aaand, traditionally, here is a map of the countries in which I can, after the last year, make myself understood.

French-speaking world
Au revoir ! ;)

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