Sunday, April 14, 2013

End of my German Mission and the C2 Certificate

Six months passed since October, when I commited myself to reach C2 in German. The time I wanted to devote to it was four months. Eventually I had some 20 days more, mostly because there was no closer examination date. From the beginning, I was willing to fail. And... I did. Today I opened my results from the C2 exam in Mannheim. I passed in reading, listening, writing and failed in speaking. Minimal number of points for passing was 60 and my results were the following:


It is interesting that the results roughly correspond with how much pleasure I got from those activities. I knew that I had the biggest reserves in speaking and eventhough I was trying to talk to anybody and anything that would respond in German, at the end of the day I would still look forward for the moment with the book "Die Stadt und die Sterne" by A. C. Clark.

I must admit that I am really proud about this failure. I reached for the Moon. Did not get right to it, but I ended up among the stars. Now I am quite relaxed when using my German, my comfort zone was expanded by three European countries and I worked in the language (not using English) and managed so well that my employees want to keep me. Moreover I explored one of the biggest cities of Europe, I met very interesting people and learnt, that some things can be done differently. A big win.

And if you think this lowered my expectations from myself, you could be not more wrong. I am indestructible. I am even hungrier for the next mission. I will let you know about it soon. ;)

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